About us

With the motto “recycled urban stories” Urbanbake was born in Stockholm, established in Istanbul  in 2010.   Made to gracefully integrate into your everyday life,  Urbanbake’s design pieces, are timeless in nature and hand-crafted for permanence. 

Şebnem Gemalmaz is the designer behind the brand. Award winning lighting designer trained both as urban and lighting designer.  Şebnem’s inspiration varies; influenced by art, light, architecture and city life; sometimes her pieces tell about details of an architectural masterpiece or sometimes a scene captured in a city. Experimenting different materials like marble, cement, abandoned chandelier pieces, electronic leftovers, she melds the raw and precious materials to tell each unique story with its each unique way. Urbanbake recycles the metals and up-cycles the stones, marbles and cement/paper based pieces.

The design brand has been recognized by art and design publications including Vogue, Milliyet Sanat, Frame, and the New York Times and is available at design stores throughout the world.


Inspired by city life, architecture, art and light, Urbanbake creates unique, contemporary jewellery pieces. The designer of the brand, Sebnem Gemalmaz, a Stockholm based lighting designer is experimenting different materials like marble, concrete and electronic pieces to tell recycled urban stories. Sometimes architectural details of a great building, sometimes a little scene captured in the city can be a formgiver of her design. The design simplicity of the brand is derived from Scandinavian grace that influenced the designer deeply, during the years she lived in Stockholm; the humour and the colours of the items are the reflection of the chaotic and magical life of Istanbul.