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... For the ones who stay out of the box, follow their own unique paths... Passionate about movements that are bold, cities that are loud. Love to walk, not to talk. Appreciate music filling spaces, light warming Sunday mornings. Focus onto the rare, genuine, not the one pointed out... Let the authenticity shine, instead of following the mainstream. Please join my world, if you dare to feel, sense, be your unique self.

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Volver is a story about coming back home. Explore raw pieces ornamented with precious diamonds.

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Triadic Ballet

The name of the collection is derived from the name of the ballet developed by Oscar schlemmer in 20’s. The idea of the ballet was based on the principle of the trinity. Within 3 acts, 3 participants,transformed by their costumes experiencing the space.

Urbanbake follows his consideration of the human form within that trinity. Using the abstract geometry of the body, let the circles, the lines, the cylinders create simple yet bold jewellery pieces.

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Grace/ The MedallionVolver- Mini Silver MedallionTriadic Ballet/ BraceletGrace EarringsGrace/ The Medallion Light

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